Wedding Party

Mary and Mathew Daniel

Mother and Evilest of the Bride

Proud 'rents of the beautiful bride. Mary and Matthew often speak of Amanda's talent, grace, kind heart, and gift for witty repartee. She is without a doubt, their favorite. Things are different now, Graham and Alec. They absolutely wrote this, and not Amanda.

Marea and James Lamb

Mother and Father of the Groom

Where engineering and creativity meet, you'll find James and Marea. They are the loving parents of Daniel.
Amanda is also their favorite. They definitely wrote this, and not Amanda.

My Other Mother


As if one mother wasn't enough, I am lucky enough to have at least 2, depending on the day. This one is smart enough to audition back up daughters with whom to replace me once she marries me off. Here she is, fascinator and all, pictured with one of said backups.

The Tinies AKA Big Bamboocha

Maid of Honor

It was a hot and sticky night at PollyEsther's Dance Club when I locked eyes with the Tinies from across the dance floor. We were dancing to 80's music before 80's music became Kool and the Gang again. We ditched the boyz that night and have been thick as thieves ever since. She once convinced me to run a marathon. Worst idea ever. This one has an actual name, I've just forgotten what it is.

Jason Smith

Best Man

Jason, a local cheetah farmer, is world renowned for his Canberra-based event, "The Running of The Cheetahs." Fast on foot and two wheels, he still has not forgiven Daniel for taking him skydiving. Jason is a land-based mammal.

Emily Gabrian


Emily might be a Navy Seal. She first met Daniel and Amanda on a mission in the Congo where they became fast friends. Emily eventually returned to them the money they were using to bribe authorities for better access to margaritas. Approximately 6 mountain bikes worth of monies. Emily currently lives in Raleigh, NC where she practices law...more or's "law-ish."

Ben Driehus


We can neither confirm nor deny that Ben has been implicated in the first Zombpocalypse. Part crazy scientist, part caring, thoughtful, and all over good person, we invited him to the wedding anyway. He swears he didn't mean it, besides, who else would do the spineties. (It's a dance.)

Aspen Logan


Aspen hasn't always been a zombie, but we felt like our friendship grew when she did become one. We decided to spare her during the last Zombpocalypse (see Ben Driehuis) and turns out she's quite resourceful, super organized, and fast. I mean, like REALLY fast.

Travis Hopkins


A tall man sits in the corner speaking of flying machines, Starcraft, and a righteous ice cream sundae. Travis met our fair couple as part of an elite team of specialists (AKA Dan and Amanda) and made, like, the longest game together. For all we know, Travis is still making this game.

Adriana West


Loves the 80s. Smokes fake cigarettes. Drinks real alcohol. Throws mean parties.

Santiago Culeo


Santiago is an International man of mystery (in his country). He can't talk about what he does. He can talk, a lot, but if he told you about what he does, then he'd have to kill you. How we met is classified. It may have involved twerking.

Tamara Orman


Tam led a swashbuckling life for many, many years. Rumor has it that she gave up a perfectly fine left leg, replacing it with a stylish hollow wooden model, in which to hide her Rum stash.

Adam Bryant


Ads, professional people spinner, is currently being detained by authorities, and it's unknown if he will be released in time to attend the wedding. (Seriously tho, it sounds like they can't make it, but we're holding out hope.)
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